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Get Kids Involved in the Election

posted by Sarah on October 8, 2008 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • Janice Burroughs

    Our company specializes in resources for life transitions. With the election and economic uncertainty, we are finding that the strategies to help manage anxiety of transitions are helpful to all of us. Our whole country is in fact, “in transition”. Getting organized is a concrete action step to help manage the sense of loss of control that has created so much economic panic. Therefore, getting financial information together is key, and will help you communicate with your advisors.
    Identifying what is not “in flux” and can serve as a stabilizing anchor: relationships, spiritual resources, family, hobbies and activities…whatever means something to you can be a source of renewal. Use uncertainty to help you determine what is most important to you; perhaps its time to let some of the noisy fluff fall by the wayside. Our company is proud to offer Buttoned Up tools as a complement to our programs and resources. Thanks!

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