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Moving? Here Are Ideas That Will Help You

posted by Sarah on June 24, 2008 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • Shelley Daun

    Great tips! I have moved 7 times in my short 23 years, and I know how much of a hassel it can be to move. The packing and unpacking is a nightmare, but most people don’t consider is all of the paperwork they will need to do at new schools, doctors, dentists, and sports and dance clubs, just to name a few. I’ve found a solution that I’m positive will help me with my next move. I entered all of my important information, contacts, personal history, etc into AboutOne. And AboutOne safely stores and organizes this information. What more I can contact and record this information all from my phone, so when I go to the doctors and they start asking for my medical history information, I know exactly where to go. This also means less papers to pack, unpack, and keep track of.

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